Singles Draw & Result

# Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Quarter Final
Semi Final
1 Atul N Patel Unitt Patel Indra Amin
2 Bye
3 Dharmendra Patel Dharmendra Patel
4 Bye
5 David Dadds Bye Rajesh V Patel
6 Bye
7 Sunil Radia Bye
8 Bye
9 Atul Patel Girish Patel Bye
10 Bye
11 Hemant Patel Ranjit Patel
12 Bye
13 Trushar Patel Bye Bye
14 Bye
15 Girish Patel Bye
16 Bye
17 Ranjit Patel Trushar Patel Niral Patel
18 Bye
19 Mayur Patel (Oakland) Niral Patel
20 Bye
21 Atish Patel Bye Ajay M Patel
22 Bye
23 Hasmukh Patel Bye
24 Bye
25 Ajay M Patel Atish Patel Bye
26 Bye
27 Indra Amin Atul Patel
28 Bye
29 Hitesh (Jnr) Patel Bye Bye
30 Bye
31 Rajesh V Patel Bye
32 Bye
33 Nitin Vadgama Hasmukh Patel Hasmukh Patel
34 Bye
35 Tinu Patel Nitin Vadgama
36 Bye
37 Manoj Patel Bye Unitt Patel
38 Bye
39 Niral Patel Bye
40 Bye
41 Sailesh Patel Rajesh V Patel Bye
42 Bye
43 Unitt Patel Mayur Patel (Oakland)
44 Bye
45 Shailesh Amin Bye Bye
46 Bye
47 Bye Bye
48 Bye
49 Bye Hitesh (Jnr) Patel Atul Patel
50 Bye
51 Bye Ajay M Patel
52 Bye
53 Bye Bye Girish Patel
54 Bye
55 Bye Bye
56 Bye
57 Bye Indra Amin Bye
58 Bye
59 Bye David Dadds
60 Bye
61 Bye Bye Bye
62 Bye
63 Bye Bye
64 Bye

Rules for the Singles Competition

  • Format of Play: Match Play, 3/4 difference in Handicap of Yellow Tees. Full Handicap of White or Blue tees (Subject to agreement by both players and club permitting)

  • No caddies or Supporters are allowed during matches unless agreed by both player

  • Green Fee: Shared by both players. A Member playing at his own club is obliged to pay half the guest fees for his opponent.

  • The player on top (Player A) has the advantage for the first 7 days.
    If (Player A) had not contacted (Player B) within the first 7 days, the advantage for the next 7 days goes to (Player B). If (Player B) does not contact (Player A) within the 7-day period, the advantage reverts back to (Player A) and so forth

  • Time Limit: Matches must be played and results handed in by dates given on the website. If Players are unable to organise a match within the due dates, the match will be Void and both players will be disqualified.


  • Semi Final & Final to be played on Neutral Venue agreeable by both players.
    In the event of a dispute or venue disagreements, the matter must be reported to the Secretary who in turn will refer to the committee to make a final decision.

  • Results for the Final must be handed in by November 30th.

    Please enjoy your singles competition and play in good spirit.

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