About Us

Welcome to the home of Vaprose Golf Society!

Our History

It all started with a golf day in 1989 at Gatton manor organised by Raju M and Paul Vasdev that the success was repeated a year later in 1990. Sunda Patel who attended both those golf days was highly impressed and met up with Raju M to form Vaprose Golf society (named after Sunda's company).

A meeting of a few friends and keen golfers at their local Sydenham friday club lead to the formation of Vaprose Golf Society with an initial 32 Members signing up. Sunda joined a Golf Society in north London with Shilpesh, Trushar, Vinod & Yatin and was highly inspired to set one up in South London, all later to become Vaprose founder members.

Vaprose Golf Society was founded in 1991 and enjoys a very strong membership ever since.

Our golf society has become the home of Vaprose since that date. We are not only a golf Society, we’re a circle of friends, family and colleagues. Our philosophy is very simple to play competitive golf and socialize after. Our background history may come with traditions but it’s our members who shape our golf society.

Over the years, Vaprose has blossomed to a society attracting turn outs of 60 to 120 golfers on any of its golf day outings. Vaprose celebrated its 25th Anniversary Year In 2016 with 30% of the original Members still active.